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In our hyperconnected world, connecting with your audience is harder than ever. 
That’s why we deliver social media campaigns that spark meaningful conversations online (and that translate to bottom-line results offline).
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Social media marketing is no longer just an option — it’s essential for brand growth.

It’s not enough for your brand to simply have a social media presence. If your social media doesn’t inspire people to stop scrolling and take action, it’s not doing its job. 

The undeniable truth is that social media growth drives business growth. And by handing over your social media management to our team of experts, you can finally trust that your brand is establishing an online presence that all stakeholders can be proud of.

(And when those numbers start speaking for themselves? We’ll be the first to celebrate your “I told you so” moment.)

* Social Media Strategy
* Social Roadmap & Playbook
* Competitive Social Audit
* Social Listening
* Social Media Video & Stop Motion
* Social-First Photography
* Graphic Design, Illustration, & Branded GIFs
* Copywriting
* Social Ad Management
* Social Media Giveaways
* Live Event Social Media Marketing
* Strategic Partnerships
Case study

Our award-winning campaign helped Credit Sesame stand out from the competition, build an online audience, and convert new members at a significantly lower cost.

That’s the power of creating content that leads with value and meeting members where they were most active.
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+8,240% more engagement than top competitor
8.2M brand impressions at major industry event
+115k% engagement
47% Click-Through-Rate 

Won a "Best in Social Media" Shorty Award
Won a "Best in Social Media" Shorty Award
The Spark Social Process: CHEERS!

We start with learning about your brand, goals, customers, and competitors to identify the best approach for your social media strategy.
Our social strategies operate in harmony with what the rest of your marketing team is doing, while also prioritizing content that serves your brand and your audience. We dig deep into your audience and their behaviors so we can keep engagement high and deliver value that keeps them coming back.
Here comes the fun part that really delivers the WOW factor. Working with our designers and photographers, we’ll create stunningly branded visual content optimized for each platform. Then, we’ll begin writing copy, scheduling posts, and hitting that “send” button based on your editorial calendar.
Too many brands and agencies forget the "social" part of social media. We're in your account daily, sparking conversation, connecting with your audience, and building a loyal community.
As we establish a polished social presence, it’s time to start scaling! We’ll plan & execute social giveaways, influencer campaigns, and manage ad spend to deliver a positive return on your social efforts. (Always knew social was worth the investment? This is your “I told you so” moment!)
Sure, we could stop at Results. But we’re always looking for ways to do even better (#overachievers). At the end of each month, we’ll walk you through a detailed report on a call so we can evaluate what’s working, identify opportunities, and plan next steps.

During these calls, we’ll discuss your past and current social, tactics tried, and short & long-term goals. We’ll look at other marketing initiatives so we understand the full picture and can create a social strategy that fits seamlessly with your other marketing campaigns.

Competitive Audit

We’ll conduct a competitive analysis of up to four competitors, evaluating their numbers and identifying their strengths and weaknesses to help us identify opportunities.

Social Business Goals

Together we’ll identify your key social business goals that will lead strategy, direct content, and determine platform segmentation & messaging.

Social Personas

Working from an ideal customer avatar, we’ll develop social media personas that will direct every single message we publish.

Content Pillars

Building off our social personas, we’ll design content pillars that connect with your ideal member, add value and spark action.

Social Media Roadmap

This is the culmination of our work in Phase One. We’ll create a document that will serve as our roadmap for social media growth. We’ll outline Key Performance Indicators so we can measure the effectiveness of our efforts.

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