February 26, 2023

How to Master TikTok + Instagram Reels in 2023

Looking for a content strategy where you can leverage both TikTok and Instagram without the overwhelm? We get it - the thought of browsing trending audio then filming for each app sounds exhausting.

Luckily, shooting and sharing short-form video to both apps is easier than you think. Learning how to master TikTok and Instagram Reels will be one of the best ways to expand your reach and connect with new audiences in 2023. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Review your current social video strategy

Before you hop in front of the camera, take some time to review your strategy. Start by defining your marketing goals and identifying your target audience (especially where they hang out). We’ve got a great step-by-step post on navigating video marketing here

If you haven’t already joined the party on TikTok, now’s the time! 

2. Research trends

TikTok and Instagram Reels are all about staying current with the latest trends. Incorporating popular trends and audio into your videos can increase your chances of showing up in the algorithms so you can reach a wider audience. 

Start by spending as little as 15 minutes a week researching trending content. As you scroll, be sure to  ‘save’ any audio or songs you know you’ll want to use. Be on the lookout for ‘easy’ trends that can be filmed with minimal effort or props. From there, map each idea into a content plan so it’s ready for your next day of recording. Simple research and planning can significantly increase your content output! 

3. Film on TikTok first & repurpose to Instagram

If you haven’t already joined the party of Tiktok, now’s the time! If you’re looking to repurpose content across both platforms, start with TikTok first. Content made for TikTok performs well on Instagram, whereas reels don’t always translate as well over on TikTok. 

TikTok adds a watermark to all videos when you film within the app, but there are a few easy ways to remove this if you plan to repurpose it: 

  • Crop it out of the video
  • Use a third-party app or editing tool like Video Eraser
  • Save your video without a watermark in the first place

4. Batch create content

Creating content is time consuming no matter what, which is why you should always batch creating content!  Batch creating content for both TikTok and Instagram can save time, energy and resources - allowing you to focus on other tasks in your business.  

As you’re working on each video, be mindful of video length. Try to keep your quick tip videos as close to the 15-second mark as possible and your storytelling videos under 60 seconds. Whether you film once a week or once a month, having well-planned content ensures your strategy is consistent, engaging and impactful. 

In 2023, TikTok and Instagram Reels will continue to be powerful platforms for brands to promote their products and drive sales.By following these tips, you’ll be ready to master both platforms with more ease, and less stress! 

If you’re looking to bring on more help to manage your socials this year, get in touch to book your social media consultation.
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