December 16, 2021

5 Instagram Reels Ideas for Brands in 2022

If you've ever opened up your Instagram, only to get entrapped in a two hour Reel's binge, then it should come as no surprise that short-form video is taking over social media.

Instagram users who regularly create and post Reels reap the benefits of their content being amplified on the platform further than traditional static posts. For one of our clients, consistent Reels has grown their organic follower growth rate by 300% in just 3 months. This is one of the many reasons why it's a top Instagram trend of 2022.

The challenge that brands face with short-form video is creating authentic content and capturing their audience's microscopic attention spans. We see countless brands failing to utilize Reels properly and end up producing "ad-sy" Reels that get an automatic swipe over. To help you diversify your social media marketing strategy and benefit from Reels' popularity and reach, we've compiled this list of the top 5 Instagram Reels ideas for brands in 2022.

Keep it real

Show your audience the IRL, imperfect, #nofilter side of your brand. Social media users want to feel connected and part of a community, so use Reels as an opportunity to make your brand feel more relatable, authentic, and genuine. Sharing something like a time-lapse of the 6-hour hair and makeup process that goes behind that one flawless photo ad is a way to make your audience feel more connected to your brand. A few ideas your brand could implement:

  • Favorites roundup - what is your team currently obsessing about, sharing on Slack, or DMing each other about?
  • The making of... film your process of creating something
  • Share a quick sneak peek of a product or service you have in the works

Go behind the scenes

This is one of the easiest ways to create an engaging Reel for your brand with the least amount of planning. Creating BTS Reels can be as simple as taking your audience on an office tour to show off that great corporate culture you've worked so hard to create. Your audience is curious about the people behind the products, so the next time your employees are battling it out on the ping-pong table, pull out your phone and make a Reel! Capture moments like:

  • Meeting the team
  • A day in the life of team member
  • What goes into fulfilling an order
  • What goes into creating a new product
  • Tour of your company's office, highlighting the parts that make it unique
  • Show a process from start to finish in 15 seconds

Hop on a trend, and do it fast

Social media trends come and go faster than the 2021 Juicy Couture revival. One of the biggest mistakes we see brands make is showing up late to the party with a trend that expired weeks (if not months) before. We get it! A marketing manager saw a trend that was on-brand and pitched the concept up the line of approval. But by the time they got the green light, produced the Reels, and sent it for approval, the trend was over. Have a plan in place to prioritize quick approvals so your brand can jump on those trends as they're happening and harness the power of a trending moment, such as:

  • Busting assumptions: What people think it looks like to do X, versus what it really looks like
  • Something that didn't go the way you expected. Cue the "Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no..." sound.
  • Before and After: Show the before, snap your fingers, and reveal the end product
  • Challenge: Create or try something with your product and challenge your audience to make their own reel recreating it

Educational videos

Showcase your products in new and interesting ways through how-to Reels! Consider a few product benefits or use cases that potential or new customers may not know and convey them to your audience through a short, 15-second clip. For example, for our client Furbo Dog Camera, we may create a video showing how to train your dog a command while in the next room using its treat-tossing and two-way audio. A few more ideas for your brand:

  • 3 common mistakes related to your product or industry
  • How to use X product, five ways
  • 3 reasons why...
  • Myth busting common misconceptions about your product/service/industry

Answer FAQ

Your audience has questions (just take a look at your comments section, and you'll see what we mean!), you have answers. Mix up your delivery with a quick video! Using Reels for FAQ is a great way to address commonly asked questions and an opportunity to get your product in front of new eyes! Things like:

  • Tutorial showcasing common how-tos about your product
  • Highlight different use cases

Reels can be tricky for brands to produce but they're not going anywhere. Thankfully, fortune favors the bold, and brands creating Reels now can enjoy the amplified reach of their videos and the ability to reach new audiences.

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